What’s On Your Hot Dog?

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We’re well into summer and what food in Haverhill is better to enjoy in the summer than a hot dog? We certainly can’t think of anything. And while everyone can agree that hot dogs are an official food of summer—July is National Hot Dog Month, after all—there are still some pretty fierce debates around hot dogs. Is a hot dog a sandwich? Is there a wrong time to eat a hot dog? And perhaps the most important question, what is the best thing to put on a hot dog?

We may not be able to settle the debate, but we can tell you what the most popular hot dog toppings are.



Sour and zesty, it’s hard to think of anything better to put on top of a hot dog than mustard. Year after year, mustard tops the list of America’s favorite hot dog toppings. According to a survey conducted by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (yes, that’s a real thing), 68% of Americans prefer mustard on their hot dog. Mustard’s numbers have slipped a little in the last few years, but it still remains on top.



Some people debate whether ketchup belongs on a hot dog, but 61% of the people who answered the survey say they like it. The sweetness of ketchup compliments the saltiness of a hot dog. And when you combine it with mustard, you have the perfect hot dog flavor profile.



Strong flavors are common for hot dog toppings, and onions certainly check that box. Raw onions provide freshness and crunch while grilled onions have a sweeter flavor.


Honorable Mentions

Though they don’t rank quite as high, relish, chili, and cheese are also popular additions to a hot dog. Relish is a traditional hot dog topping and goes well with the heavy hitters on this list. Chili and cheese aren’t as popular around here as in other parts of the country, but they are still delicious on a hot dog.


The Northeast’s Favorite

As you might expect, different parts of the country have their own favorite hot dog toppings. For example, in the Northeast, 31% of hot dog lovers like sauerkraut, which is more people than anywhere else in the country.


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