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Check out Raff’s Café when you’re craving a last-minute breakfast in Haverhill! We know a thing or two about breakfast, including brunch, with an extensive menu. Plus, we serve breakfast until 2 pm daily, so what’s not to love?). We’ve discussed why breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but brunch is the perfect option for those who prefer to start their breakfast a little later in the morning! April is National Brunch Month, and today we’re serving a large helping of all things “brunch”, with a sprinkle of history mixed in! 

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What is Brunch?

The first reference to the term “brunch” came about in 19th century Britain, stemming from the words “breakfast” and “lunch”. The term became less of a slang term thanks to an 1895 article written by Guy Beringer titled “Brunch: A Plea”, which waxed lyrical over the new idea of brunch, a.k.a., a late Sunday breakfast with all the fixings! Beringer’s main question stuck with the masses: Why not eliminate the need to get up early and eat breakfast? 

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Today’s Brunch

The idea of eating breakfast later in the day eventually took hold in Chicago in the 1930s. This may be due to a decline in formal large Sunday meals and churchgoers. By the 60s, brunch was the cool thing to do. Today, most restaurants throughout the U.S. serve some style of brunch every Sunday, with a focus on buffets or signature dishes like waffles, omelets, fruit salads, and more!

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Breakfast in Haverhill – Raff’s Café

If you’re searching for breakfast in Haverhill, visit Raff’s Café! You can’t go wrong when choosing from our daily and weekend breakfast specials. Raff’s Café serves breakfast from 6 am – 2 pm, with the option of lunch and breakfast, with fresh coffee, juices, and tea. Did you know? We’re now offering dinner from 4 – 8 pm on Thursdays & Fridays! 

See what we are all about! Visit Raff’s Café at 620 Primrose St. in Haverhill, MA. We look forward to seeing you!

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