Eggs Benedict: A Mysterious Origin

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Many near and far have come to love Eggs Benedict since its first debut. But when exactly was that? Let’s dive in a little further and let you decide. If you’re craving Eggs Benedict after this post, visit Raff’s Café for some of the best breakfast food in Haverhill!


What’s With the Name?

There are a couple of theories about the origin of Eggs Benedict. However, both of these mysteries lead back to Delmonico’s Restaurant in Lower Manhattan. 

In the 1860s, Mrs. LeGrand Benedict, a frequent diner at Delmonico’s, grew tired of the menu and wanted something new. Delmonico’s Chef, Charles Ranhofer, concocted his own breakfast dish in hopes of pleasing Mrs. Benedict. The recipe consisted of two muffin halves, lightly toasted without browning, and a thick round cut of cooked ham. On top was a poached egg covered in Hollandaise sauce. This is what we know today as Eggs Benedict!

Another theory leads us to 1894 at the Waldorf Hotel in New York. This is where hungover Wall Street broker, Lemuel Benedict, ordered bacon with buttered toast, two poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. Oscar Tschirky, a chef at the Waldorf, was so captivated by this order that he put it on the menu. However, he replaced toasted bread with toasted English muffins and swapped pork bacon for Canadian bacon. What’s the connection between the two theories, you ask? Lemuel Benedict actually used to work at Delmonico’s around the same time Chef Ranhofer made this dish!


Breakfast With a Twist

Many have taken Eggs Benedict and made it into their own version, substituting or adding different ingredients. At Raff’s Café, we have a variety of this dish to choose from, in addition to the original, of course. You can check out our options on our online menu. But in the meantime, let’s highlight some of our unique favorites!


  • Cornbread Benedict- If you’re craving savory with a bit of sweetness, this one’s for you. Enjoy two poached eggs and two slices of cooked ham on top of fresh grilled cornbread. Topped with Hollandaise sauce and your choice of one side!
  • Irish Benedict- Two poached eggs paired with corned beef hash on top of a lightly toasted English muffin. This hearty dish is covered with Hollandaise sauce and paired with your choice of side. 
  • Veggie Benedict- Get your greens in! Two poached eggs paired with spinach, artichoke, and tomato. Placed on a buttery grilled croissant and topped off with a rich Hollandaise sauce. Choose one side!


Get the Best Breakfast Food in Haverhill at Raff’s Café

We know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why we have all the options for you here at Raff’s Café when you’re searching for food in Haverhill. If you’re in the mood for Eggs Benedict after this post, you know where to find us! 


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