Coffee vs. Tea: The Battle of the Breakfast Beverages

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Most people like to enjoy a hot drink with their first meal of the day. The two most common hot breakfast beverages are coffee and tea. Both have their loyal adherents, but there are also plenty of people who will happily enjoy either one. No matter where you fall on the coffee/tea divide, there’s no denying that there’s nothing quite like enjoying a hot drink with your breakfast on a chilly morning.


In this post, our team at Raff’s Cafe is going to look at the differences between the two most popular breakfast beverages.


It’s all about the flavor.

For most people, their preference comes down to the flavor. Coffee has a stronger flavor than tea, but many people like the bitterness and richness. The flavor of coffee also goes well with the common additions of milk and sugar if drinking it black is a bit too bitter for you. (Sidenote: have you ever tried maple syrup in your coffee?) On the tea side of the debate, you have an array of delicate flavors ranging from earthy to fruity to floral to herbal. If you prefer a gentler wakeup call, tea is for you.


Which has more caffeine?

Speaking of wakeup calls, the primary appeal of a breakfast beverage is the energy boost. A cup of coffee has more caffeine than a cup of tea, and the caffeine hit from coffee has a more immediate effect. Tea will give a slow release of caffeine to continually power you through your morning. There are benefits to both, and once again, it comes down to preference. Both have decaf options (herbal tea contains no caffeine), but you have more options with tea. Black tea will give you the most caffeine, but there is also quite a bit in green tea.


We stick with what we know.

More often than not, our breakfast beverage preferences come down to what we’re used to. Many Americans prefer coffee because that’s what we know. Across the pond, tea is a part of England’s cultural identity, and most British people begin their day with a cup of tea, and many drink it all day long.


Start your day with breakfast at Raff’s Cafe!

Whether you’re a coffee or a tea drinker, you can enjoy a steaming cup of your favorite breakfast beverage at Raff’s Cafe! Start your day with us; have a good meal and a hot drink to fuel you through the day.


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