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In the United States, many know and love the typical breakfast ingredients like eggs, toast, bacon, cereal, and other foods alike. But have you ever wondered what breakfast looks like for some around the world? This month we’re diving into a few different areas worldwide to learn a little bit more about what their everyday breakfast looks like! And in the meantime, when you’re looking for breakfast in Haverhill, don’t forget to come to Raff’s Cafe!

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Though different regions of Colombia have different variations of breakfast, among the most popular are arepas and changua. Arepas are a round, flat cornmeal cake. They’re typically topped with butter and served with things like meat, eggs, or jam. Changua is a comfort soup for many that’s made from milk, cheese, bread, and poached eggs. 

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Breakfast in Greece is packed with a delicious variety of healthy options. Spanakopita, a savory and flaky pie made from phyllo dough, spinach, and feta cheese, is quite a popular option for many. Another popular dish is kagianas which is scrambled eggs with feta and tomatoes. It’s common to eat a spread of other foods with these dishes like cold cuts, fruit, honey, nuts, and yogurt!

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In Mexico, traditional Mexican eggs, otherwise known as huevos rancheros, is a common staple breakfast in many households! You may have also had the opportunity to try it in the United States as it’s sometimes served in many restauraunts. Huevos rancheros are made from fried eggs that are served on a lightly fried flat tortilla. Another Mexican breakfast is called chilaquiles. This dish is made with fried tortillas with refried beans, red or green salsa, and shredded chicken on top. In some cases, leftovers may also be added. All these ingredients combined makes a hearty breakfast!

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We hope you enjoyed a look into what breakfast looks like for some around the world! In the meantime, whenever you’re in the mood for a traditional American breakfast, we encourage you to dine with us! If you’re curious about our hours, you can view our website for more information, along with our menu! Until then, we look forward to seeing you!

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