Popular American Breakfasts Throughout the Decades

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What better way to ring in National Breakfast Day than going back in time to see the most popular breakfast combinations in the American household throughout the decades? 


At the start of the 20th century, hot cereals like cream of wheat and other whole grains were a popular commodity in the American household.


During the food rations from World War I, many Americans had to work with what they had for breakfast by using leftovers. Hash, a dish made up of chopped up leftovers, was often prepared for breakfast. Canned fruits and vegetables and oatmeal were also popular at this time.


Due to home refrigeration gaining more popularity in the American household and the post-ration era, bacon and eggs had their claim to fame once again. 


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The Great Depression left many with limited food options. Tomato gravy became a common staple since it was extremely cheap and required very little ingredients for production. Biscuits were typically paired with tomato gravy for a complete breakfast.


During World War II, families were encouraged to grow their own produce and can their food, while bacon and eggs took a back seat. Other foods like toast with margarine, spam, and hot cereals were a popular breakfast option at this time.


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An explosion of new recipes and ways of cooking entered the scene. Breakfast sandwiches with eggs and ham, buttered toast with eggs and ham or bacon, box cereals with milk, and Bisquick pancakes were popular during this time frame.



Fast food drive-throughs and sugary cereals into play for the first time. Bacon remained as the top choice as many large brand name companies like Kraft and Aunt Jemima were advertising their recipes with bacon. Eggs Benedict was also a common breakfast among many Americans at this time too!

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McDonald’s Egg McMuffin was introduced in 1972, making breakfast a quicker meal to grab for many Americans on the go. Sugary cereals, hot cereals, toast with butter or jam were also still popular.


Breakfast on the go became extremely favored for the working class. Frozen breakfasts, muffins, bagels, and anything else considered a portable breakfast to take on the way to work was in.

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Many 90s TV shows started creating novelty cereals like Jurassic Park Crunch and Reptar Crunch. Trix Yogurt and YoCrunch yogurt were both sugar filled yogurts that many kids came to love for breakfast.


2000s and Now

Just about anything goes for breakfast at this time! Smoothies, donuts, bacon and eggs, calorie-conscious breakfasts were and still are popular today. 


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