Why is Breakfast Called the Important Meal of the Day?

No matter where you live, you have probably heard the term saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It is plastered on T.V. commercials, cereal boxes, and sometimes even in the breakfast aisle of grocery stores. But why is it so important? Today, our team is taking a small break from serving the best food in Haverhill, MA, to tell you why having breakfast here is a crucial part of your day. 


But first, why is it called breakfast? 


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The Meaning of Breakfast

As you already know, breakfast is the first meal of the day. When you divide the compound word into its two parts, you get the words “break” and “fast.” Yes, we know that it is common knowledge but trust us, we are getting to the point. The term fast or fasting means to go without food. So when you eat breakfast, you are literally breaking the fast from the last time you ate before going to bed!


Why is Breakfast so Important?

Now for the moment that you have been waiting for. When you are sleeping, you may think that you are gaining energy. However, this is only a tiny fraction of what happens during our sleep cycle. It does restore some energy, but the rest of what happens is to your muscles as they rebuild for the next day. When you eat breakfast, it is probably your first meal since ten hours ago. Breakfast replenishes the energy and nutrients after a good night of sleep. 


Here are some more reasons why breakfast is a crucial way to start your day. 


  • May reduce risk of illness
  • Boosts Brain Power
  • Helps control your weight
  • Kick starts your metabolism
  • Balances your blood sugar levels
  • And encourages healthier eating


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What Happens if you Skip breakfast?

Skipping breakfast is not recommended for several important reasons. When talking about nutrition and weight loss, many people skip meals like breakfast to lose weight. However, good nutrition is not about the number of meals you have in a day. It is about the nutritional content that you take in. Much of your nutrition comes from breakfast. Others don’t take the time to eat breakfast because they are too tired. People who say this don’t know that they skip the nutrition and energy they will need throughout the day when they skip breakfast. 


Start Your Morning off Right with Raff’s 

At Raff’s Cafe, we serve up some of the best food in Haverhill, MA, including our classic breakfast menu. We offer some favorites like eggs and omelets, but we like to mix it up with our signature recipe too! No one cooks or does it quite as we do here at Raff’s Cafe. Don’t believe us? Well, you will just have to come and see it for yourself.


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Come visit us today at 620 Primrose St in Haverhill, MA! 


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